Monday, 8 September 2014

Trapped chapter 5

Lying in straw with no food to eat was a horrible life. My poor sister had a choice and she chose to keep me company, right now she COULD be eating food and sleeping on a feathered bed. The dark space was so horrible that not a tiny glimpse of light could be seen. The floor was so could and uncomfortable that even a carpet couldn't help us sleep. I shut my eyes tightly and tried to fall asleep, I hardly slept at all.
"Lily, Lily it's morning time we're going to escape," My little sister shouted with a yard full of energy.
"Scarlet it's five o'clock" I grumbled and moaned.
"But you hardly slept AND you promised," she whined.
"NO" I said grudgingly.
"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" she insisted.
I gave up.
"Okay" I let in.
"YAY," my little sister punched the air.
"Be quite," I hissed.
"Sorry," she sulked, sinking back into the straw.
The mans loud stomping could suddenly be heard down the hallway, my sister hurriedly jumped out the tiny window, squeezing through, I followed.
Sweat dribbled down my forehead and worry crept up inside. I grasped her hand,
"I will always be there for you" I whispered softly.
Scared I looked back and found that the man was chasing us, we broke into a sprint.
I saw him bull out a small pistol and we ran harder.
"Wait," my sister panted.
I missed what she said and kept running. She stopped to catch her breath, but soon after, the gun fired. Looking pleased with himself he left. I leaned over her and wept, long, never ending tears spilled and my spirit ripped with pain and sadness. Her wet blood touched my hand as I gently stroked her.
Her eyes, just open were full of pain. She whispered her last word.
"You will remember me right?"
"Always" I replied softly
She then stopped breathing, she was gone, forever.

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