Thursday, 25 September 2014

The start of a new life

I walked past the torn down streets that were flecked with snow, not a sound could be heard. The trees that used to sway near my village were now lying on the ground. My leather jacket flapped in the soft breeze and my velvet dress lay lifelessly around my ankles. My eyes, cold and grey, wandered across to the long chain that separated our worlds, with a deep breath I crossed it. Near a river the sun was reflected on the fresh water as it came up from under the hills. I spotted a small town and found a little hotel that I could stay in, start again. I took a glance back at my old home and sighed as the wind howled. I shivered, what if it happened again?
"It won't" a soft voice in my head reassured me.
I glanced around, finally I had found a welcoming city to make friends and start a new life. But I knew, someday, it would come back and haunt me for I was the only one that survived....

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