Saturday, 13 September 2014

The seperate worlds

A portal opened in the depths of a mystical world where six elements with powers like no other where Practicing with their magic. They came across the swirls and colors that opened up in front of them. Two benders one a girl of fire, one a girl of water, fell with a scream.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh" Their screams of terror rung around the woods.
"Flicker, Ingo " the others called as they disappeared and not a glimpse of them could be seen.
The rest fell, A Boy born with all elements trapped with a boy of earth. A girl of electricity stuck with one of air. Cursed in the element they feared most. Cursed to hate but cannot leave. Never safe for everyday the worst gets worse. One day when wandering and fighting. The earth boy Groot found another portal and entered it, thinking he could get home but all that happened was he swapped places with an unhappy Ingo. Flicker and Groot became friends once more. Able and Ingo learned to stop the fight. Meanwhile, a grumpy Electra of electricity and Skyla the one of air, where forever fighting, trapped and could not get back....

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