Thursday, 11 September 2014

Doom, dread and death


"Do it" she had said.
"No" I had replied, angry
She walked away and was never to be seen again........

Doom, dread and death

"Where is she?" Mum repeated.
"I don't know..." I trailed off.
"10 years have been gone and she still hasn't been found" My mum sighed. 
A guilty look spread across my face and I turned away to hide it, sobbing. She WAS my best friend after all. That night when I went to bed I dreamed about her for the 1st time. I dreamed she was back and I could relive the moment, fix everything. As soon as I had thought this the world dissolved and my worst nightmares struck.
"Help" I squealed but no-one heard.
The next thing that happened couldn't have been true as the thing I dreaded most, my mum finding out, literally did happen. I walked on, running, sprinting, doing everything I could to get away. I stopped in my tracks and looked up into the gloomy face and shrieked. 
"Don't run it will only put you in more pain and torture" He laughed with a smirk.
I fell. Never to see light again.


Every day was torture. Every breath was painful. Every move was worse. Doom, Dread and DEATH

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