Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The search chapter 4

I looked everywhere wandering around town running and hiding. On my fourth day of  searching a man kindly asked,
"are you lost lady?"
"No" I replied dreamily with my head in the clouds.
He walked off. People began staring at me thinking I had gone mad, I ignored but they implored. Day after day I actually began going insane, sweating and looking, hyperventilating, doing everything I could to find her. I was worried scared and had nothing too eat. One day, out of the corner of my eyes I spotted a gloomy lair, hidden under the canopy's and leaves. There lay my sister, wrapped in cloth, lying on straw, tossing and turning, looking uncomfortable. She rolled over and looked me in the eye, I winked, she winked back. I screamed with delight, possibly a bit too loud.
"Shush" my sister scolded.
"Sorry" I said, innocently.
But it was too late. A tall shadowed human slowly strolled up to me and gave me a menacing look.
"Tried to save your sister did ya," he growled.
"Well what do you expect I do Dumb-nut."
My sister signed to me,
"cut it out" she silently spoke.
"Well sorry to say but your coming with me," he chuckled.
"BUT I WANT MY SISTER" I screeched.
"Fine you can share this tiny cell with her, sleep on straw, eat no food, have a miserable time, ooooorrrrrr come with me" He laughed, Horridly.
"I'll go with MY sister then." I replied.
"Fine if you so badly want a terrible life" He spat.
"YES YES YES" I insisted.
He slammed the door shut........

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