Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The old man in the closet chapter 3

I stopped stunned as he loomed over my face, anger fumed around me. He pulled me buy the ear.
"You're coming with me," he spat, pinching tighter as he dragged me along the floor. 
"Get off me you idiot" I shouted.
"Shut your mouth young lady, do you want a spanking?" He demanded.
"No" I whispered under my breath.
We arrived at a gloomy place with spiders creeping up the walls and dust floating around.
"You're trapped" he smiled.
"No I'm not my sister will come looking for me" I screamed.
"You sure about that" he questioned.
"Absolutely positive." I replied.
He chuckled, smiling.
"Whatever you say" He grinned.
I started worrying, will my sister really come for me? I pushed the thought out of my head, but it just came back again and again. At night I slept on straw and hay with a sip of water and stale bread to eat. Generous, so generous. In the morning the sun shined through the small crack of a window and I sighed. The man walked into my cell, put a mask on, I knew who he was and he wanted revenge.

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