Monday, 18 August 2014

The hole in the wall Chapter 2

My sisters warm arms wrapped around me.
"Hi" I said.
"Hello" she replied in a silly voice that made me screech and squeal with annoyance and laughter.
I had been getting sick and tired of being trapped in a dusty closet with no home to go. I'm terrified but I'm trying to act brave, unfortunately it's hard when you're always shaking. Staying here for days was hard but it was better than being killed by a scary man with a mask. Suddenly my sister got up and told me she was going to explore this place by herself. I argued.
"No" I shouted again and again getting frustrated and red.
"Fine," my sister finally admitted.
"You're old enough" she sighed.
I made a silent YAY to myself and went along with her. We turned a corner. Suddenly I saw a small crack in the wall and went to check it out. Dynamite was hidden inside, it lit up, then the cupboard exploded. I could hear my sisters screams and cries but then I fell to the floor and could hear no more.

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