Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Land Of Dreams

I awoke. A hazy vision filled my eyes as I pinched myself to see if it was all really happening. It was. carousels whizzed around as I wormed my way through the giant crowd. I tried to talk to someone and ask where I was, but no voice came out of my sunken throat. Ponies neighed, constantly gathering attention. I watched, they seemed to bore into your eyes as if they where some sort of monster or alien, but they couldn't be. I ran around, Mysteries and excitement was happening everywhere, no angriness and no frowns. I swiftly strode up to a horse and carefully patted it's long, flowing mane. The crowd gasped, astonished as it brought out teeth and tried to swallow me. In my defence I obviously screamed. I woke up it was all a dream. My mum came rushing up to me, telling me over and over how worried she was and how I shouldn't have screamed for no apparent reason, I told her I hadn't, she wouldn't listen. At night-time I fell asleep. Then landed in the same place at the same time, but the only difference was I didn't wake up.

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