Monday, 24 November 2014

Leave me (part one)

Leave me,
I don't won't to see your face.
Go away,
Your tears are torture.
Send me to an island,
Where fear won't posses me.
Flee from my sight,
I don't want it to happen again.
Go live in peace,
I don't want my heart broken.
Stop feeling misery,
That's my job.
Stop it,
It's bad enough already.
Stop worrying,
you'll only make it worse.
Stop protecting,
Death will come anyway.
In the end we won't be together,
So stop trying to make things right.
You can't change fate,
It's meant to be.
Stop trying to fix everything,
It's only making it worse.
If you want me to be happy,
Then leave me alone.
Happiness will only come,
If you stop thinking about me.
My hearts already in two,
I don't want it broken more.
All is lost,
You can't do anything.
Leave me alone,
I've told you already.
Just let me go,
It's the only way.

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