Sunday, 6 November 2016

Movies don't remember

It had been abandoned for years.
Alone, Forgotten.
Left to decay.
The ripped chairs spilled foam onto the greasy floor no-one had laid their foot on for years. The withering ceiling hung an old camera, which no tape had spun in for decades.
It was once the highlight of town. The place everyone would spend their evenings - and money - to watch the same, sad, movie. It used to overflow with waves off bickering crowds, each person pushing and shoving their way through the queue which used to stretch outside the old, oak doors.
But that was a long time ago. Not a soul has whispered their words here since then.
Not a single soul.
Anyone who even dared peek their head through the not-so-welcoming doors, would immediately change their mind once they saw the crumbling walls and depressing posters. Nowadays the doors stayed locked, the old theatre hiding many secrets within in wheezy chest.
It has been abandoned for years.
Alone, forgotten.
Left to decay.
Just like me….

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