Monday, 7 November 2016

19 july

I try to hide, cower away from the world that slaughters innocent people for fun, that wipes out our kind so that they can rule in 'peace'. You stole our land and now we are nothing more than the whipped slaves, tortured and dispirited from the piercing words constantly thrown from someones mouth.  Just because our skin is another color doesn't mean you have the right to slash our fragile flesh. We are humans too, but we are not proud to be called that. Even though it seems perfectly fine it's the most offensive word to call us, for humans are the most offensive thing alive. Our leader speaks his words low and wisely;
"A gun to the throat,
A knife to the flesh,
Our skin is black,
their skin is white,
because of that we have to fight,
17 daggers have scythed our skin,
17 rifles shot."

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