Sunday, 6 November 2016

A war to forget

Too sad to feel sadness.
Too angry to feel anger,
Too depressed to cry.
Her face crumples up in a fan, eyes glazed, twinkling though not from glee.
Her smile that she holds so tightly on her pursed lips morphs into a neglected frown.
She shuts her eyelids forcefully.
She has endured so much, lived through the isolation that can kill. Each day that she steps off the porch she sweeps, her feet get caked in a vibrant red. A substance that isn't paint. As her body starts to ache and her frail feet collapse beneath her, she curls up into a tight ball, reliving her tortured moments. Fire burns her fragile heart each day. Tears that won't fall drown her in a never ending misery. She's not allowed to escape this prison others call a body. She's not allowed to fall into an eternal slumber. No. Each day she has to step outside into the world that does not care. Be reminded of the selfish acts of those she know has to call family. Look upon the remains of the war that took too many innocent lives. Lives of those she loves. All of it is just to much. A tear escapes her eyelid and rolls peacefully sown her cheek...
She's devoured in the pain.

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