Sunday, 6 November 2016

Into the mist

She looked behind her at the world she left behind. Hesitantly, she continued to creep forward; into the mist.
The fog began to climb up to her hips, somewhat devouring her legs, though she continued to walk towards the hidden shipwreck. She held a lantern to guide her, the dwindling light clattering violently against her shaking hips. Her body trembled with cold angst; she began to wish she had a blanket to wrap around her shivering arms and a fireplace to curl up under, the flames licking her toes gently. But here she was, frightened, roaming towards a place no-one has been for years. Or possibly ever. As she got closer to what she thought lay a broken wreckage, she saw a boat in pristine condition, untouched by the grimy hands of time. With every breath she took fog would climb in the air, but it seemed to part against the ship as though it had hands that carelessly pushed it away when anything came close.
She laid her foot precariously on the glistening deck, the old boat heaving under her weight. Her legs shifted from side to side, deciphering this strange, warped universe. Processing the ship that surrounded her. She shuffled around a bit more, and heard a crack rise from seemingly beneath her. Glancing down, she noticed her foot was crooked, and dark liquid was dripping down her ankles. She swore in shock. Though she knew she was exploring a place that didn’t even exist on a map, she was wondering why she felt so scared. She collapsed onto the wood, resting her hand down to support her weight. Her arm bone poked out and her skin started turning green. She let out a piercing scream, muffled slightly by the hands that impulsively flew across her mouth. A soft groan rang through the misty air.
“Come my child, come here Emma.”
It’s voice was deep and snaky, slinking through the air like a slinky skin. Although she had many thoughts travelling through her mind, the main thought she grasped was:
Where is this man.
Tear drops splattered down her shirt, though she plastered a fake smile onto her parched lips and peered her glazed eyes far into the distance. Her voice cracked with every broken word she dared to speak.
“W-who a-are you?” She questioned, her eyes flickering violently with fear. No reply. She hesitantly asked it again.
“C-come out, please, I’m scared.” Though that made her vulnerable to the thing she still could not see, she felt relieved, as this person could help her, guide her through this pain. But still, no-one replied.
Shadows danced ominously across the porcelain ground, whispers shaking the decks. Her body tried to sustain the energy which slipped under her frail grasp, with barely any luck. she felt her mind drifting into an everlasting sleep. Her eyes closed slowly, but just as she puffed one last breath, strong arms catched her clammy, yet icy hands. Her spirit lifted with a fleeting bit of hope. Maybe she could live through this.


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