Sunday, 6 September 2015

The exterminator

Did you think by running you could escape me? Oh no child, you haven't faced the wrath of me and even though you might not be within my grasp I will find you and your fate will be even worse. When the sun fades and the moon rises I will be there, and you'll have to watch the earth ebb away as your loved ones will fall and you'll be helpless, begging for me to let you die with them, for the agony to be wiped away with death. You expect me to be that charitable dear? Oh no, you will pay for what you've done and misery will be embedded in your soul for the centuries you owe me. Conspire against me all you might , but you can't hide, I will win in the end. Take a look in my mind and you will see, a life full of heinous misery. Dwell, my dear, prepare your weapons, I will always be ready and I will defeat you, for I am the exterminator.

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