Monday, 7 September 2015


08 June 1924 

Dear Diary

Someones watching me, I can practically feel their beady eyes stabbing at my back. Is something wrong with me? Am I hallucinating? Am I not really being stalked. What am I doing, you can't talk, but I really wished you could because then you could tell me whats going on right now. I got this note at school today reading;
I wish I knew who it was from though, it's really creeping me out. It was just an ordinary day at school today, I was walking through the never-ending corridor out into my Astronomy classroom, I was just about to sit down when someone handed me this note. I didn't see his/her face, though I know it was from them for their cheeks flashed crimson. I went back to my dormitory and studied the note, asking my room-mate Abigail if she recognized the hand-writing, unfortunately, she hadn't. For the rest of my class I felt so isolated, and everyone felt strangely indifferent to my silence. I didn't answer all the questions like I usually do and the teacher was stunned when I didn't remind him for homework. Is it strange that I'm so entranced by this note, is this normal. Hold on, someones just entered my dorm, she's covered by a cloak so her identity is oblivious. Oh no, she's getting closer, closer, closer. She's bringing something out of her pocket and...