Monday, 31 August 2015

Once upon a time

Have you ever told someone you wanted to die, that you hated your life and didn't think you had a place in this world. Grief, agony and torment, the words that make up earth. Love, optimism and euphoria are the opposite of life. Earth is horrific never enter it, it will eat you up like chemicals and water. Earth is heinous, life is atrocious, everything's mean. A cacophony of voices, a criticism with you for life. Let it go, be free, be flamboyant, be courageous. It's an achievement to be alive, accelerate with what you have, what's the meaning of life if you can't live it. But let me tell you one thing, it's important, so listen, never enter earth, you will regret it deeply. Forget I said this, I just know you will conspire. Just sit down and get comfortable, for this tale is long. It's bizarre my story, but it must be told. Listen close, my dear, to a story of woe. Once upon a time....

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