Sunday, 28 June 2015


The soft whispers cloud my mind, their thoughts my thoughts, their sight my sight. Whatever they feel I feel. I've been unable to feel ever since I ventured through that ominous forest, young, innocent and careless. I've tried to repress their feeling, it didn't work, nothing seems to work for me nowadays. I slope off towards home, their whispers luring me into a seemingly fatal trap- my home, completely safe and sound for me, but not for them. My home's now a torture home, the pain they felt when they first entered my home has now been shifted into me. We arrived, we meaning myself and, well, them. The electricity crawled up my spine the moment I entered the room, inflicting my soul with darkness. My back arched and I screamed, screamed till I was numb and seemingly immune from the pain I was feeling, screamed till the darkness finally left me sprawled on the floor, unconscious, my mind eternally scared from the agony felt a split second ago, and now, the disembodied voices wait, wait to see if I was going to die from this final stroke of torment.

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