Friday, 27 June 2014

The day of life

As people die around me I see life being reborn. The slow breathing of a baby fills my eardrums. As I step out into the wild little ones cry and fall asleep as if I'm some kind of curse or murderer. Maybe I am, seeing as every time I see one I love it dies in front of my pale face slowly closing their eyes and falling into a deep sleep. Every time this happens I can hear the faint screams and cries come to life.This is called the day of life. It happens once every 100 years and it's happened so many times that my immortal body can't take it any more. First people die, then babies come to life, finally they see my worn down face and bloody eyes so they die all over again. Soon so many people have blacked out without coming back that I waver and watch intently till the world dies and there's no more.

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