Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Curse Of The Werewolf

The slow heartbeat told me she was still alive. What had I done trying to kill her? My body had been taken over by an uncontrollable evil soul making me insane and torturing me. This was called the curse of the werewolf. I had been bitten long ago by an ordinary werewolf after I had killed It's king. The flaring pain rolled around my arm as it slowly turned green, the pain traveled around my body. The werewolf then captured my soul replacing it with his king's so he could live again. Every once in a while it would completely take over my body making me do everything I was told otherwise I'd die a slow and tragic death. This curse was the cause of everything. The time my mum and dad died, the time my house burned the cause of all the floods and earthquakes in the world but worst of all the cause of death. Every time I had it, people died and a rampage went over two countries starting a war. Everywhere you looked you could see pain, agony, blood and dying people everywhere. Every time I'd watch with laughs and smiles on my torn face. It was all too much and with the last breath I plunged the sword that started it all into my broken heart. 

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